What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO means search engine optimization Use of SEO is done to increase the ranking of any website. By using it you can increase your website’s organic rankings in search engines. The search engine is a way to help you rank your website at the top of the search engine so that more people see it.

what is seo


Why is SEO Important?

We use SEO to bring our website to the public. About 95% of the people use Google search engine whenever anyone searches on Google, then everyone visits the sites on Google’s first page only. There are very few people who visit the second page. If you also want to rank your post on Google’s first page, get all the information about it and make sure to use it.

Types of Search Engine Optimization –

1. On – Page – SEO is used to design sites well and to make SEO friendly. Optimize content, title, heading, keyword, permalink, media, as well. Research the keyword on which the content is writing, which keyword is being searched more. And use the keyword titles, meta descriptions, and content properly so that the site is easily ranked on Google page.

what is seo

2Off – Page – SEO is used outside the website such as sharing links to your sites on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. And create backlink by commenting on the article of Relative Popular
Sites from your site and submitting your site’s link. Submitting guest posts on more popular sites so that people of those sites will know about your site and visit your sites. And traffic to your sites will start coming.

what is seo

Search Engine Optimization Techniques –

White hat SEO is used in different techniques and strategies. But the human audience is targeted at the place of the search engine. These techniques are – using keywords analysis, doing good research, rewriting meta tags which are more relatable, backlinking, link building and writing content for human readers.

Black Hat SEO is the techniques and strategies that are used for high search rankings. But for this, the search engine rules are broken. It focuses only on search engines and not so much on the human audience. Black Hat SEO people who want a quick return to their short-term from their website.

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